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Optoma Multimedia Projectors Price in Pakistan

Multimedia Projector

A projector or also called multimedia projector in Pakistan is an electro optical device that presents its image on a targeted place normally over a specified projector screen. A projector uses a small transparent lens that shines a light for creation of images or videos, However new technology projectors are now using laser for projection of images.


Optoma range of projectors in Pakistan provides true bright and well balanced colour production whether it is used for presentation of data or slides in offices or at home for watching sports and dramas. Optoma projectors are providing latest technology projectors with optimum image quality that is essential for any user of big media screen whether it is fixed at office ceiling or it is portable type business projector.

Optoma projectors provides a best value for money whether it is used in any educational institute, office, commercial building. Optoma range of projectors in Pakistan can meet the budget of every type of application.  Optoma projectors are very easy to install, it is very user friendly for hands on leaning and collaboration and its flexible integration options make it’s the ultimate choice for businesses.

We offer a variety of Optoma DLP projectors, Optoma desktop projectors, Optoma short throw projectors, Optoma Pocket projector, Optoma pocket projectors in Pakistan. Our offered projector is embedded with the following features that make the Optoma best projector in Pakistan.

Vertical Lens Shift Capable to display true 3D content from almost any 3D sources, display more smoothly at 144Hz rapid refresh rate

4 Corner Adjustment By individually adjusting each corner of the image, our 4-Corner Adjustment eliminates any crooked or distorted images in off-angle or restricted space installations for that perfect picture.

Auto Vertical Keystone Adjust the vertical image angle to project a perfect square image automatically. Auto keystone correction makes it easy to set the screen configurations from a variety of locations

USB Reader – Photo and document viewer Users do not always require a PC or mobile device to display content. With the built-in USB reader, simply by plugging in a USB storage device, users can directly view photos and documents including PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF file formats

2D Keystone Correction Digital horizontal & vertical keystone lets you adjust the form of an image to get a proper rectangular shape on both sides. It is flexible for limited space configurations such as when the projector is placed indirect to the screen or at an off-angle

USB Display (Android, IOS only) Mirror your iOS or Android screen by connecting the device to the projector with your USB charging cable. Conveniently and easily share your content to the big screen.

LAN Display Via LAN connection, you can mirror your PC or laptop display to the big screen. Specially designed for business and education environments, up to 4 computers can project the content simultaneously. Suitable for cooperative team based work, LAN Display will greatly improve the efficiency of the meeting. *HDCast Pro app is required.

Split Screen Through our free app, the HDCast Pro, projecting up to 4 images simultaneously from different images sources can greatly improve the efficiency of the meeting.

Versatile System Integration Control Protocols Crestron RoomView, Extron’s IP Link and PJLink protocols are fully supported, allowing nearly all aspects of the EH512 to be controlled across a network, keeping you in control.

Wireless display With an optional WiFi dongle and using the free mobile APP, you can wirelessly connect to your laptop, tablet or mobile device and project your content to the big screen. Up to 4 devices can be connected to the projector simultaneously. With WiFi display, you can eliminate cable clutter and increase connection versatility.

MHL Display Connect your mobile device directly to the projector by using a single MHL cable. Play stream videos and share photos on the big screen.