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The Panasonic full HD 4k projectors in Pakistan provide a ultra high definition state of art projection for Home cinemas, auditoriums seminar rooms. It 4K technology delivers ultra sharp video quality with premium level of true color and detail. It provides 4 times the resolution of 1080p that is 3840×2160 and as long as 6000 lumens, 1,200,000: 1 contrast ratio and RDB color wheel. The Panasonic HD LASER series provides breath taking image quality and details that is certainly a right choice for high performance users. It HDR10 offers high dynamic range, vertically shifting of lens, zoom of 1.6x. All in all Panasonic 4K HD and HD LASER series has been developed to deliver the premium view of projection in present age.

The Panasonic 4K HD LASER is engineered with 4K DLP HD LASER chipset with latest technology DMD which used XPR video processing with better switching to display 8.3 million pixels as compulsory to meet the 4K HD specification criteria settled by Consumer technology Association. The Panasonic 4K HD and HD LASER projectors models can projects its images up to 140 inches which entertain its viewers with a 4K result even from a distance, the normal LED screen with size of up to 75 inches cannot provide this features.

HDR also known as High dynamic range is the main feature of 4K HD result, HDR provide clarity in image specifically in black and white and all other color to make it more vivid, real and clear image for viewers. The Panasonic HD LASER 4K series pure motion technology has clear advantage over other projectors and that makes gaming and movies really enjoyable by making images and moving videos clear, smooth and crystal plain. Panasonic optical zoom of 1.6x and flexibility in vertical shifting of upto 15% provide great support in installation. Panasonic latest technology 4K HD and HD LASER projectors have lamp life of upto 15000 in Echo mode.

PANASONIC 4K High definition Laser Projectors

Panasonic has introduced a breathtaking laser 4k+ projector that can be installed at any high performance venue. It is the world most compact 3-chip DLP projector. With drive of Quad generating pixels in film like 5120 x 3200 video image and 10,000 bright solid shine laser lumens, performance is absolutely unmatchable. If it is paired with Panasonic 3D Chip DLP series can save you installation time and budget in terms of 360 degree multi axis rotation and powered lends shift. It also offers unparallel maintenance free lamp life of up to 20,000 hours.

  • Quad Pixel Drive produces industry’s first beyond 4K screen resolution
  • Real Motion Processor combines Frame-Creation and 240 Hz High-Speed Processing for fluid motion reproduction
  • Impressive 10,000 lm of brightness
  • Dynamic Contrast achieves 20,000:1*1contrast ratio by controlling laser light
  • Next-generation Detail Clarity Processor gives natural texture to the finest details
  • System Daylight View 3 for enhanced color perception in bright rooms and mapping applications
  • DICOM Simulation mode for medical presentations and training*2
  • 709 Mode reproduces colors accurately for HDTV projection

Lower Running Costs, Greater Reliability

  • Extremely long 20,000-hour light-source life*3
  • New liquid cooling system enables quiet operation
  • Stable operation in ambient temperatures of up to 45 °C (113 °F)*4
  • Consistent Colour Reproduction with no image deterioration over time
  • Laser light-source engine allows 24/7 operation
  • Dust-resistant optical block
  • Wide powered lens-shift range

360- Degree Installation Flexibility

  • Vertical, horizontal and tilting 360-degree projection enabled by laser light source
  • Multi-Screen Support System seamlessly joins projected images with Edge blending, Colour matching, and Digital image enlargement
  • Geometric Adjustment for projection on curved or spherical surfaces
  • Compatible with ET-CUK10 Auto Screen Adjustment Kit*5
  • Multi-Unit Brightness Control
  • Compatible with Panasonic Multi Monitoring & Control Software and Early Warning Software
  • Single-cable DIGITAL LINK connection transmits video and control signals for up to 100 m (328 ft)
  • Compatible with Art-Net DMX lighting control protocol
  • Abundant terminals including 3G-SDI, DIGITAL LINK, DVI-D, and HDMI (requires optional terminal boards for DVI-D and HDMI).

Shares common lenses (including the ET-D75LE90 ultra-short throw lens) with Panasonic 3-Chip DLP™ projector range.