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TOA Amplifier Price In Pakistan is an authorized dealer of TOA Amplifiers in Pakistan.

Toa Amps are premium, top of the line audio equipment. We are one of Pakistan’s First Audio Equipment Store and our aim is to make it easier for Pakistani people to buy quality equipment at affordable prices.

There is widely use of TOA power and Mixer amplifier in public address system. In Pakistan people like TOA brand amplifier at the first priority above all other because of its quality and reliability.

These mixer power amplifiers are used in PA system like, Masjid sound system, audio and video conference room, hall, and class room auditorium hall and other communication and public announcement places.  We have all types of TOA power amplifier in different watts like, 30w, 60w, 120w, 240w, 480w.

TOA Power Amplifier for Public Address System offers TOA Best Amplifier with quality features. TOA amplifiers are constant at different values ​​of the input signal and not affected by the external frequencies. The amplification signals of all frequencies of amplifier are exactly of equal amounts and do not produce noise into the output signal. This removes any noise already present in the input signal. TOA mixers amplifiers are made to face robust and tuff environmental conditions. You can visit for free quote our website