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TOA Audio Conference System Price in Pakistan

TOA Corporation Japan established in 1934 is the manufacturer of high quality public address sound system. TOA audio conference system price in Pakistan has earned the mark of quality and reliability and established itself as a professional Audio conference system solution providers.

TOA Audio Conference

TOA Audio conference system price in Pakistan

TOA Corporation Japan has introduced wireless, wired and many types of digital and analogue conference system. Conference system consists of control units, chairman microphone units and delegate microphone units. Its conference microphone are come along with built-in speakers which are suffice for medium size conference room and therefore no separate speakers and amplifiers are needed. However when the conference room is very large or there are so many participants other than the members sitting before microphones then application demands separate PA system. TOA control unit can be attached with conference room PA system. TOA corporation Japan Audio conference system is made to perform with a life of 25 years.

US Audio Visual is a professional solution provider of TOA Audio conference system in Pakistan. We design and install TOA professional conference room sound system in Pakistan. We as a company has clientage ranges form public to private sectors. Our team has served  hospitals, educational institutes, hotel industries, corporate offices, industrial meeting rooms, Govt officers meeting rooms, Deference meeting room and allied institutes.

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